IV Therapy for Workout Support


Turn back the clock with this powerful anti-aging IV therapy loaded with natural antioxidants and essential nutrients. This combination of Vitamin C, Glutathione, Glycine, CoQ10, and additional vitamins and minerals provides a boost of energy while detoxifying your body and boosting longevity.


Vitamin C + 1g Glutathione + Biotin + Glycine + Magnesium + Calcium + B-Complex + Vitamin B12 + Zinc + CoQ10 injection for energy and heart health


Increased Workout Capacity, Faster Recovery, Sore Muscle Relief, Reduced Inflammation, Boosted Metabolism, Mental and Physical Energy


Competition Prep and Recovery, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, Training Supplement, Joint and Muscle Pain, Body Recomposition, Energy Boost


Extra Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Amino Blend, Vitamin D3 Injection, Extra Hydration (up to 2 liters total)

Anti-Aging IV Drip Overview

This anti-aging IV drip is great for boosting energy levels, skin and hair health, reducing oxidation and inflammation, and improving cognitive function, while helping to reverse damage associated with aging.

High dose vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation, fight viruses and infection, and stimulate collagen growth. Glutathione is known as your body’s master antioxidant, as every cell uses the antioxidant to repair and regenerate. Glutathione helps the body process toxins and supports liver function. Glycine is added to boost collagen production and fuel the brain, and CoQ10 adds additional antioxidant support while boosting energy levels and protecting the heart. associated with aging.

Additional nutrients like B-Complex, Magnesium, and Zinc help provide essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning optimally and replenish lost nutrients as you age.


Used For


Each infusion delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results.

Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is an important naturally occurring vitamin and antioxidant. While one can benefit from eating fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C, absorption from the diet is restricted by the gut to 1000-2000 mg per day. When dosed intravenously, however, Vitamin C can be supplemented in doses as high as 100 grams for some. Higher doses of Vitamin C have shown to improve immune function, reduce systemic inflammation, boost skin health, promote collagen production, boost overall wellness, and can act as a preventative for chronic conditions.

Known as the body’s “master antioxidant”, this naturally occurring antioxidant is compounded in the body using Glutamine, Glycine, and Cysteine. Levels of Glutathione decline with age, and are also impacted by poor nutrition, stress, and toxins. Supplementation of Glutathione can help lower inflammation and oxidative stress, reduce cellular damage, improve skin complexion, boost immune functioning, remove alcohol enzymes from the blood, and fight free radicals and toxins.

One of the most important amino acids for a healthy body also doubles as a neurotransmitter in your brain. Able to play both stimulatory and depressant, this amino acid can help improve sleep quality as well as mood and brain functioning while awake. Glycine is also an important component in building proteins in the body, and is the main amino acid used to produce collagen.  In addition to its beneficial qualities by itself, Glycine is also one of the three main building blocks of Glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant. 

Also known as Coenzyme Q10, this naturally occurring antioxidant is vital to the energy production cycle. While protecting cells from oxidative damage, CoQ10 also plays a role in forming ATP for cellular energy. It has also been shown to improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure, protecting the heart. Recent research suggests CoQ10 can help lessen the severity of headaches and migraines. Levels of CoQ10 lower naturally with age, and are further impacted by pharmaceuticals, including statin drugs. 

Vitamin B12 – the energy vitamin – is an essential vitamin vital to the body’s energy production cycle, as well as cognitive function and brain health. It is necessary to form red blood cells and DNA. Dietary B12 is only found in animal proteins like beef, so supplementing B12 is essential for those following a vegan diet. 

Our B-Complex includes the essential B vitamins Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Dexpanthenal (B5), and Pyridoxine (B6). Together this blend helps boost energy levels, control glucose, regulate cholesterol and other lipid levels, protect the heart, produce growth hormone, and assists many enzymes to function properly. 

This essential mineral is vital to many systems within the body, acting as a cofactor for over 600 enzymes. It is one of the most common deficiencies in the world, and deficiencies can lead to muscle cramps, elevated blood pressure, and reduced insulin sensitivity. It is also important for regulating vitamin D levels. Magnesium also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling and soreness.

An essential mineral, calcium is used primarily to support bone health and growth, but it is also important for heart health,, including the reduction of pre-eclampsia risk, digestive health, reproductive health, and is vital to prenatal nutrition. Recent studies have shown its effect on reducing symptoms of PMS. Mainly used as a preventative, calcium supplementation may help prevent osteoporosis as we age. 

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