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High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

15 grams


25 grams


50 grams*


75 grams*


*G6PD test required for doses over 25 grams. Call to schedule lab draw at the clinic.

Skip the digestive tract to receive the powerful benefits of high doses of Vitamin C, which naturally supports collagen production, reduces inflammation, improves healing times, and improves quality of life while undergoing cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.


Vitamin C + Magnesium Chloride in 500mL-1000mL of Fluid


Faster Recovery, Quality of Life, Collagen Production, Reduced Inflammation, Healthy Skin, Longevity


Cancer Support, Autoimmune Diseases, Illness Recovery, Pre and Post Surgery, Skin Conditions, General Prevention


Extra Hydration, Vitamin Complex and Amino Complex Specialty Booster Follow-ups

High Dose Vitamin C IV Drip Overview

Your body does not make vitamin C, so supplementation is important. Ingesting over a gram of vitamin C orally can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and larger amounts are impossible through the diet. However, large amounts of vitamin C can be infused intravenously, and the effects are remarkable.

Extensive medical research supports the use of high dose vitamin C to boost immune function and response, fight viruses and bacterial infections, eliminate toxins and oxidation, improve healing times and collagen production, increase energy, and improve quality of life for cancer patients during chemo and radiation.

Our vitamin C is sourced from FDA regulated 503b pharmacies, free of preservatives, and buffered for optimal absorption and tolerance.


Used For


Each infusion delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results.

Often found as a main ingredient of energy drinks, Taurine is an amino acid essential to cardiovascular health and the development of the brain, heart, and muscular system. It is a popular supplement for boosting athletic performance, and has shown to help improve recovery times. It also shows promise in increasing blood flow and regulating blood sugar levels.

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