vitalife cocktail iv therapy

Vitalife Cocktail IV Therapy

IV Therapy for Overall Wellness

Boost your overall wellness with our signature Vitalife Cocktail IV Therapy that adds the detoxifying, repairing, and rejuvenating powers of Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Amino Acids to our Myers Cocktail infusion.
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Vitalife Cocktail IV Drip Overview

The Vitalife Cocktail is great for boosting energy and workout capacity, increasing metabolism and endurance, fortifying the immune system, clearing brain fog, recovering from hangovers, improving overall wellness, and replenishing vital nutrients and electrolytes.
Higher doses of Vitamin C act as a powerful antioxidant when infused, and with Glutathione added, these nutrients help cleanse cells, remove oxidation, reduce inflammation, regenerate tissue, restore immune function, and support organ function. The amino acids found in our Amino Blend – including Arginine, Carnitine, and Glutamine – add additional essential nutrients, building muscle tissue, repairing gut lining, boosting metabolism, and fueling energy production.
Combined with the baseline wellness benefits of the Myers Cocktail, this infusion helps increase longevity and improve overall wellness.


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