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Custom Drips

custom iv therapies from vitalife

With a personalized wellness program from Vitalife, you can target specific conditions and find relief from your symptoms. By combining lab work from blood testing and your health history, we can develop custom IV therapies and supplements that target your specific deficiencies and requirements.

Customize It Your Way

Health Intake

Customization starts with an extensive health intake process, allowing us to learn more about your personal health history, your family health history, any medical conditions you have been diagnosed with, and what type of symptoms you are dealing with, along with your goals for achieving better health.

Lab Testing

Vitalife has partnered with several labs allowing us to perform blood draws to test for nutrient deficiencies, genetic variants, metabolites, food sensitivities, and other biomarkers to learn more about your current health status. Testing is easy, and blood draws can be scheduled at the clinic on weekdays (no weekend draws).

Personalized Protocols

Using information gathered in your intake and data generated from lab testing, our medical staff will generate a personalized program, including custom IV therapies, shots, and custom supplements, targeting your nutritional needs to improve your health and overall well-being.

Used For


Autoimmune Diseases

Injury and Surgery Recovery


Gastrointestinal Disorders

Skin Conditions

Mood Disorders

Women's Health

Cognitive Decline

Chronic Fatigue

Alternative Care


Boosted Immune Response

Increased Energy

Symptom Relief

Cardiovascular Support

Reduced Inflammation

Mental Clarity

Hormone Regulation

Improved Recovery

Quality of Life

Naturally Treat Symptoms

How to Get Started

Tell Us
About You

Click "Get Started" to fill out an initial questionnaire about your current situation so we know the best way to get you started.


After you submit your information, a member of our staff will reach out with the proper intake paperwork to learn more about you and your health history.

Blood Draw

Scheduling a draw is easy. Just use our online portal to check the schedule and book a time at your convenience (weekdays only).

Start Your

Using your health intake and results from your lab tests, our staff will put together custom IVs and supplements and a recommended schedule to follow.


Tell Us About You

After completing the form, a member of our staff will reach out with the proper paperwork to get you started on your journey to better health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the initial health intake and consultation, as well as lab and genetic testing, our staff will be able to customize IV drips and supplements to fit exactly what you need. These more personalized treatments will help fuel your body with the proper nutrients it requires to perform optimally.

Each situation is unique, and everyone’s starting point is different. These programs are designed to provide nutritional support to fuel your body’s natural responses. Improvement in symptom relief and quality of life will be gradual as your body responds to the changes in nutrition and exercise. Our goal is to relieve current systems while promoting life-long changes to your overall health and well-being.

There is no cost to start the process. Send in your initial inquiry and our staff will advise you on the next steps. The first costs start when you draw your labs. There is also a one-time fee of $100 to analyze your results, develop a custom protocol, and put together a recommended schedule.

The ongoing prices depend on a number of factors. During the onboarding process, our staff will adapt recommendations to try and best fit your budget. All custom programs come with built-in special pricing on our infusions, shots, supplements, and other products, so signing up for VIP pricing isn’t necessary.

HSA and FSA Accepted

While we cannot accept insurance, we do accept HSA and FSA payments.