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Hangover IV

IV Therapy for Hangover Relief and Recovery

Find relief from your hangover quickly with IV therapy that includes anti-nausea and anti-heartburn medications, detoxifying antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, and a liter of fluids with added electrolytes for optimal hydration for quick recovery and relief from your symptoms.

Nausea Relief


Fluid Repletion

$175 $135 VIP 

per treatment

Real Ingredients

Each treatment delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results.

Anti-Nausea Medication

Anti-heartburn Medication

Master Antioxidant

Alcohol Metabolism

Liver Function

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Immune Booster

Mood and Cognitive Health

Muscle and Nerve Function

pH Balance


Stomach Relief

Kidney Function

Electrolyte Replenishment

Nerve Function


Blood Sugar Regulation


Make it your own

Vitamin B12

Energy and Mood

$30 $20 VIP


Amino Acid

$30 $20 VIP

Extra Vitamin C

Immune Booster

$30 $20 VIP

Vitamin D

Overall Health

$30 $20 VIP

Zofran Push

Extra Zofran

$30 $20 VIP

Add Fluids

Additional Hydration

$30 $20 VIP

Used For

Hangover Relief

Food Poisoning

General Nausea



Nausea Relief

Liver Cleanse

Headache Relief


How to Use

Safe to drip as needed to target symptoms.



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Hangover IV Therapy

Find the relief you need to quickly recover from a hangover with this IV drip of anti-nausea and anti-heartburn medications, cleansing antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories, and fluids and electrolytes for optimal hydration.

Each treatment delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results. This IV drip includes Zofran, Pepcid, and sodium bicarbonate to provide relief from stomach discomfort and nausea. Magnesium helps provide natural anti-inflammatory relief, while glutathione helps your body metabolize alcohol and cleanses your liver. Added electrolytes help properly restore hydration to your depleted body.

The Hangover IV drip is great for nausea relief, headache relief, hangover recovery, liver detoxification, relief from food poisoning, and replenishing fluids and electrolytes.

The Hangover drip takes approximately 45 minutes to drip and is recommended as needed.

Hangover Drip For

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