Ozone Therapy

Growing in popularity for its remarkable regenerative properties, ozone therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, reenergize cells, boost immune functioning, and promote healing. Note: G6PD test is required prior to administration (can be drawn at the clinic).

Ozone gas + Calcium + Heparin (to reduce clotting) + Normal Saline

Proprietary special vitamin follow-up IV drip for nutrient replenishment ($100)

20-30 minutes. Entire process may take up to an hour.

Safe to receive ozone 1-2 times per week to target symptoms, or as needed.

Ozone may be safely administered several days in a row for specific uses (consultation required).

$275 $235 VIP

Ozone Therapy IV



Oxygen is perhaps the most molecule in the body, where it is needed for proper mitochondria functioning. Ozone is made up of three molecules of oxygen bound together. In this state, the molecules are highly unstable and must react with something.


When it is injected into the body or blood, the first thing the molecules react with is a cell membrane, creating whats called a “lipid oxidation product”, or LOP for short. This enzyme sends a signal to the mitochondria to simulate the generation of ATP.

Simply put, it’s like putting fresh batteries in a dimming flashlight. It helps your cells generate more energy.


Additionally, ozone helps cells put out more cytokines, or healing signals, while helping block chemical signals involved in pain and inflammation. For instance, an enzyme called transforming growth factor beta, or TGF beta, is found in joints and helps the body generate cartilage tissue. Ozone stimulates the release of these enzymes, which are beneficial for antioxidant protection and the healing process.

Because of these properties, ozone therapy, provides a way to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. 


Treatment is recommended up to two times per week for general wellness maintenance, or as needed. Ozone is safe multiple days in a row in some instances. Please schedule a consult if desiring to receive ozone multiple days in a row.


Draw Labs
for G6PD Test

Before you get started with Ozone, book a G6PD test at the clinic to verify eligibility for ozone treatment. This test is important to make sure your body doesn't react negatively to ozone treatments by increasing oxidation instead of decreasing oxidation.

Schedule Your
Ozone Drip

After your blood lab is ready, we will contact you to schedule your ozone therapy treatment on a day that our specially trained staff of registered nurses are available (most weekdays available).

Arrive at
the Clinic

Arrive in comfortable clothing that allows for easy access to your arms. If you have had a G6PD test done at another lab or facility, please bring your results in with you so we can verify and add to your patient profile.

Start Dripping
and Relax

Our specially trained nursing staff have been trained by a certified ozone therapy physician. They will assess your vitals, draw your blood for ozone treatment, and let you relax as you bundle up with blankets and enjoy your own personal TV and headphones.

How to Get Started


The ozone gas used in our ozone therapy treatments is condensed in-house using 100% medical-grade oxygen passed through an ozone condenser. This condenser converts oxygen (02) into ozone (O3), which is then drawn up and injected into an infusion bag that contains your blood along with normal saline, calcium, and heparin. This system allows for the ozone gas to react with your blood cells directly in a contained environment, safe from inhalation which may damage your lung tissue. 


Calcium is added to the mixture in a specific ratio to help increase the uptake of ozone gas by your blood cells. 


Heparin is a pharmaceutical drug based on a naturally occurring glycosaminoglyca in your body. This medication is used as an anticoagulant to help prevent clotting of the blood inside the tubing, filter, and catheter. The tubing and catheter are pre-treated with heparin, and additional heparin is added to the saline fluid in the infusion bag as an additional clotting preventative as the blood passes back through the filter and back into your body. If clotting ensues, additional heparin may be used to help. This medication is safe for intravenous use.


Your blood, calcium, and heparin are mixed in IV bags containing 0.9% Normal Saline at a specific blood to fluid ratio to help optimize absorption and provide additional electrolytes to the bloodstream. The saline solution is sterile and matches the natural optimal saline levels of the blood. Saline can help maintain normal blood pressure and is essential for nerve and muscle function. 


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