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Vitalife Cocktail IV

Boosted Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

Boost overall wellness with this signature IV drip that adds the detoxifying, repairing, and rejuvenating powers of high-dose vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin B12, and amino acids to our Myers Cocktail infusion.

Energy Boost

Nutrient Repletion

Overall Wellness

$200 $150 VIP 

per treatment

Real Ingredients

Each treatment delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results.

Immune Booster


Wound Healing

Collagen Production

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Immune Booster

Mood and Cognitive Health

Muscle and Nerve Function

Cellular Energy

Red Blood Cell Growth

Brain and Nerve Function

Digestive Health

Bone Density

Cardiovascular Health

Nerve Conduction

Muscle Health

Muscle Function

Nerve Conduction


Bone and Cartilage Growth

Master Antioxidant

Liver Cleanse

Skin Health


Energy Production

Mental Clarity

Mood Regulation

Blood Health

Blood Flow

Energy Production


Gastrointestinal Health


Energy Production

Fat Burning

Workout Capacity

Muscle Recovery

Gastrointestinal Health

Workout Capacity

Lean Muscle Mass

Make it your own

Extra Glutathione

Master Antioxidant

$30 $20 VIP

Alpha Lipoic Acid


$30 $20 VIP

Extra Vitamin C

Immune Booster

$30 $20 VIP

Vitamin D

Overall Health

$30 $20 VIP


Energy and Cognition

$30 $20 VIP

Add Fluids

Additional Hydration

$30 $20 VIP

Used For

Chronic Fatigue


Altitude Prep

Brain Fog

Workout Support


Surgery Recovery

Weight Loss

Gut Health


Cellular Energy

Workout Capacity

Mental Clarity

Improved Mood

Healthy Liver

Healthy Digestion

Lower Inflammation

Overall Wellness

How to Use

Safe to drip 2-4 times per month to target symptoms, or as needed.



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Vitalife Cocktail Infusion

The Vitalife Cocktail is great for boosting energy and workout capacity, increasing metabolism and endurance, fortifying the immune system, clearing brain fog, recovering from hangovers, improving overall wellness, and replenishing vital nutrients and electrolytes. 

High-doses of Vitamin C act as a powerful antioxidant when infused, and with glutathione added, these nutrients help cleanse cells, remove oxidation, reduce inflammation, regenerate tissue, restore immune function, and support organ function. The amino acids arginine, carnitine, and glutamine add additional essential nutrients, building muscle tissue, repairing gut lining, boosting metabolism, and fueling energy production. 


Combined with the wellness benefits of the Myers Cocktail, this infusion helps increase longevity and improve overall wellness 


The Vitalife Cocktail drip takes approximately 45 minutes to drip and is safe to drip 2-4 times per month to target symptoms, or as needed. 

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