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Myers Cocktail

Vitamin Infusion for Overall Wellness

Based on the combination of nutrients often used by Dr. John Myers in his practice, our Myers Cocktail provides a baseline of nutrients to optimize overall health while alleviating symptoms.

Energy Boost

Immune Health

Nutrient Repletion

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per treatment

Real Ingredients

Each treatment delivers targeted nutrients at therapeutic dosages to achieve the best results.

Immune Booster


Wound Healing

Collagen Production

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Immune Booster

Mood and Cognitive Health

Muscle and Nerve Function

Cellular Energy

Red Blood Cell Growth

Brain and Nerve Function

Digestive Health

Bone Density

Cardiovascular Health

Nerve Conduction

Muscle Health

Muscle Function

Nerve Conduction


Bone and Cartilage Growth

Make it your own

Vitamin B12

Energy and Mood

$30 $20 VIP


Master Antioxidant

$30 $20 VIP

Extra Vitamin C

Immune Booster

$30 $20 VIP

Vitamin D

Overall Health

$30 $20 VIP

Zofran Push

Anti Nausea

$30 $20 VIP

Add Fluids

Additional Hydration

$30 $20 VIP

Used For


Chronic Fatigue

Seasonal Allergies

Hangover Relief

Skin and Hair Health



Immune Health

Energy Boost

Nutrient Replenishment


How to Use

Safe to drip 1-2 times weekly to target symptoms, or as needed.



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Myers Cocktail Infusion

This infusion includes 2.5 grams of Vitamin C, B-Complex, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Calcium, and Trace Minerals directly infused in a liter of normal saline for optimal electrolyte balance and absorption. 

Vitamin C helps boost immune functioning while reducing oxidation. B-Vitamins like B12, Niacin, and Dexpanthenol increase energy production, fuel brain cells, and promote healthy blood cells, among many other uses. Magnesium helps reduce inflammation while calming anxiety and promoting deeper sleep. Calcium helps increase bone density. Trace minerals provide needed electrolytes to keep tissues and muscles hydrated and promote nerve health.

Treatment is recommended up to two times per week for general wellness maintenance, or as needed.

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