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personalized to you, complete with genetic testing, custom infusions, custom supplements, nutrition coaching, and ongoing support.

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Looking for something more specific or unique? We can tailor a program to fit your needs.


Program intake includes a comprehensive health screening and in-depth initial consultation to assess your overall health status and learn more about your goals.


In addition to a health screening, most programs include lab tests and genetic tests which allow us to completely customize your entire program to fit you.


Your custom program will include infusions, shots, supplements, nutrition plans, and workout plans tailored specifically to you, your symptoms, and your personal goals.

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Start your health journey with ease, no prescription required.


Choose a program that best fits your needs, goals, and symptoms


Convenient scheduling available online or by calling the clinic


Complete our health questionnaire and program intake packet


Arrive for your initial wellness consultation with our certified staff


Your journey to better health starts right away with your new plan

Programs For

Choose Your Program Type

Each program comes with custom infusions and supplements to target your symptoms and reach your goals

Weight Loss

Natural Support

Comprehensive weight loss program supporting weight loss free from drugs, stimulants, and questionable ingredients. 


Training Support

Personalized nutrition program created using biomarkers to naturally boost performance and optimize recovery. 

Immune Health

Immune Support

Comprehensive immune health support with custom nutrition and diet plans to boost your natural defense system.


Longevity Support

Boost cellular energy, support cognitive function, and fight the effects of aging naturally with a personalized plan.


Cognitive Support

Comprehensive program for high-focused individuals to naturally support cognitive health and a balanced mood.

By Condition

Symptom Support

Completely customized programs based on your condition and symptoms to help improve overall quality of life.

Program Pricing

Each program has three pricing tier options. All programs include health intake, 1 on 1 consult, goal planning, and ongoing support. Everything listed is included in the up-front pricing. Ongoing pricing will be reviewed during your consult and can be customized to meet your budget.


$ 300
00 Initial
  • Health Intake
  • 1 on 1 Consult
  • Goal Planning
  • Template IV Drips
  • Supplement Program
  • Diet Suggestions
  • Ongoing Support


$ 900
00 Initial
  • Health Intake
  • 1 on 1 Consult
  • Goal Planning
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Amino Acid Profile
  • Genetic Testing
  • Custom IV Drips
  • Custom Supplement Formulation
  • Personalized Diet Program
  • Ongoing Support


$ 1800
00 Initial
  • Health Intake
  • 1 on 1 Consult
  • Goal Planning
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Amino Acid Profile
  • Metabolites Profile
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Customized IV Drips
  • Custom Supplement Formulation
  • Nutritionist Consult (plus 3 follow-ups)
  • Custom Diet Program
  • Ongoing Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the initial health intake and consultation, as well as lab and genetic testing, our staff will be able to customize IV drips and supplements to fit exactly what you need. These more personalized treatments will help fuel your body with the proper nutrients it requires to perform optimally.

To get started, you may book a consultation online to meet one on one with our medical staff. We will provide a health intake to complete prior to your scheduled consult, as well as perform a health assessment at your appointment. We then combine all the results and develop a custom plan for you.

Each tier includes a comprehensive health intake, an initial 1 on 1 consultation, goal planning, program scheduling, and ongoing support. The Premiere and Ultimate programs also include lab testing, personalized IV drips, custom supplement formulations,  and other additional features listed above.

The ongoing prices depend on a number of factors. During the initial consult, our staff will adapt recommendations to try and best fit your budget. All programs come with special pricing on our infusions, shots, supplements, and other products, so signing up for VIP pricing isn’t necessary.

Each situation is unique, and everyone’s starting point is different. These programs are designed to provide nutritional support to fuel your body’s natural responses. Improvement in symptom relief and quality of life will be gradual as your body responds to the changes in nutrition and exercise. Our goal is to relieve current systems while promoting life-long changes to your overall health and well-being.

Our team of physicians, registered nurses, and certified health coaches teamed up with our partner nutritionist, Jodee Morgan, and the physical health practitioners and trainers at Greater Than Performance and Rehab to develop our programs. It is our goal to analyze the entire picture, and provide comprehensive support to promote overall wellness, not just provide a quick fix to a specific problem. 

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Please arrive 5 minutes before your consultation for required COVID screening procedure upon arrival to the clinic. At this time, masks are required at all times inside the facility. Consults will be preformed using social distancing measures.