G6PD Test

G6PD - A Naturally Occurring Enzyme That Protects Your Red Blood Cells From Oxidative Stress.


The G6PD Test is a simple test for levels of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD), a naturally occurring enzyme. An enzyme is a type of protein that’s important for cell function, and this one helps protect blood cells.


G6PD helps red blood cells function normally. It also protects them from oxidative stressors and other potentially harmful byproducts that can accumulate during a fever or infection, when you take certain medications, or when you eat certain foods including fava beans. A lack of G6PD may make red blood cells more vulnerable to breaking down in a process called hemolysis.


A G6PD deficiency is an inherited genetic disorder. It’s most common in men of African, Asian, or Mediterranean descent. It’s the result of X-linked recessive transmission, which means it’s much more likely to affect men as opposed to women.


While most people who are affected by G6PD deficiencies have experienced severe symptoms and likely have been diagnosed before, the test is still required for Ozone Therapy and doses of Vitamin C over 25 grams. Ozone and higher doses of Vitamin C are powerful natural antioxidants, but levels of G6PD outside of the normal range can turn these anti-oxidative treatments into oxidative stressors.


To prevent this reversal, it is best to be certain of your G6PD enzyme levels prior to receiving these natural yet powerful treatments.


NOTE: You may be eligible for coverage by your health insurance provider. Please verify with your provider to prevent any additional medical billing. Vitalife will process your health insurance information through Quest Diagnostics. If you elect client pay option, you will be billed directly by Quest Diagnostics (typically $101 for G6PD testing). All G6PD lab draws require a $25 lab draw copay to Vitalife.

Clinical applications
Ozone Therapy

Natural regenerative therapy for immune health, detoxification, inflammation, and longevity.

high dose vitamin c

Natural antioxidant therapy for immune support, skin health, post-surgery, recovery, and longevity.

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Get started by scheduling a lab draw online or over the phone. Draws are done Monday thru Friday prior to 5:30 for overnight delivery to our lab partners.

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Results may take up to 3-5 days for G6PD panels. A member of our staff will schedule your follow up consult at your draw and results will be uploaded to your client profile.

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After the results are ready, our medical staff will verify your eligibility for Ozone and High Dose Vitamin C and get your first treatment scheduled.

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