lab testing

Deficiencies, Intolerances, Imbalances, and Pre-dispositions

Advanced blood testing for nutritional, dietary, genetic, and hormonal issues.
Consults required for hormone tests.

How to Get Tested

a Draw

Get started by scheduling a lab draw online or over the phone. Draws are done Monday thru Friday prior to 2:30 for overnight delivery to our lab partners.

Wait on

Depending on the labs drawn, results may take 3-5 days or up to two weeks for Genova panels. A member of our staff will schedule your follow up consult at your draw.

Start a

After the results are ready, our medical staff will develop a personalized program based on your levels and will recommend options in your follow-up consult.

Lab Tests

Lab testing helps determine your current health, allowing us to target deficiencies and imbalances with custom natural treatments for maximum performance, symptom relief, and prevention.

Comprehensive nutrition test for nutrient deficiencies, amino acid levels, essential and metabolic fatty acids, organic acids, and overall oxidative stress.
Tests your body’s inflammatory response to 170 foods, additives, and food-chemicals and includes a complete diet program to help combat inflammation.
Test for genetic predispositions that can affect vitamin and amino acid uptake, helping focus supplementation to override potential methylation defects.
Test for imbalances in the essential sex hormones, especially testosterone, as well as other vital hormones and markers controlling optimal male health.
Test for imbalances in the essential sex hormones, as well as other vital hormones, thyroid levels, and health markers controlling optimal female health.
Test of your G6PD levels, a natural enzyme that protects your red blood cells from oxidative stress. Required for all Vitamin C drips over 25 grams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lab Testing

Most lab tests do require fasting. Check your selected lab pages for fasting instructions. All hormone tests, Micronutrient tests, and Methylation tests require fasting.

Additionally, the Micronutrient test requires a urine sample first thing in the morning (kit must be picked up the day before your scheduled lab draw).
All of our labs are cash-pay only. They range anywhere from $50 for a simple G6PD test to $750 for a full Micronutrient test, consult, and program.

We accept HSA and FSA cards.
We are not accepting insurance for lab testing at this time.

Yes! We currently accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flex Spending Account (FSA) debit cards. 

Yes! You may schedule online using our appointment portal, or you may call us at 972-685-2917 or send us an email inquiry to and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you with scheduling and any additional questions you may have.
All lab draws are performed Monday through Friday, 8:00am through 2:30pm. Please call ahead for any draws that may be scheduled around major holidays. Labs may have adjusted receiving hours or days.

No tests can be drawn on weekends.
All tests performed at the clinic will be drawn by a registered nurse highly experienced in lab draws and infusions.
G6PD and Hormone tests typically have a 3-5 day turnaround. The MRT Food Sensitivity test is usually around 5-7 days, and the Micronutrient and Methylation panels from Genova may take up to 14 days. Holidays and unannounced disruptions may delay results.
Vitalife will perform blood draws for clients who bring in their own testing kits for a flat lab draw fee of $25. These kits are usually obtained from nutritionists, dietitians, and other nutritional professionals.

Vitalife reserves the right to refuse lab draws from unknown vendors.
Yes! You may even schedule an infusion at the same time as your lab draw – the nurse will simply use the same catheter used for the lab draw for your IV.
No – consultations are not required prior to receiving a lab test. In fact, it is recommended that you receive your lab draw prior to scheduling a consultation, especially for hormone therapy.

All lab tests, excluding hormone tests, include a follow-up consultation in the price to go over your results and recommended treatment options.

All hormone and peptide tests require a physician consultation for review in order to get a prescription for hormone replacement therapy or peptide therapy.

Have any additional questions? Please give us a call at 972-685-2917 and a medical provider will be happy to answer your questions.

HSA and FSA Accepted

While we cannot accept insurance, we do accept HSA and FSA payments for all hormone therapy appointments.

Schedule your lab draw Monday - Friday.